Branding is a frequently mentioned buzzword in the marketing world. Though it may sound cliché, your organization is only as good as the brand it conveys. In essence, branding encompasses the act of influencing the perception of a product, service, or organizational entity.

The way your organization is perceived plays a key role in its ability to reach the organizational goals critical to your mission. An organization can be built upon the most worthy and compelling of causes, but without effective branding, it may fall short when it comes to attracting donors and investors, maintaining team cohesiveness, and spreading awareness.

Effective brands provide a specific solution to a problem or concern, and your organization’s branding should embody that solution in every way. From the color scheme and fonts you select to the way your brand interacts with its audience, it is crucial to have an in-depth understanding of what branding is and how it can help your organization succeed. Our Branding 101 course, provides you with a foundation of knowledge to enhance your organization’s brand presence.

Here are several fundamental ways branding plays an essential role in reaching your organization’s goals.

Branding Helps Establish and Maintain Recognition

Clear and distinct branding allows your organization to be more easily recognized. Standing out from the crowd becomes especially important when it’s time to fundraise. Showing investors and supporters how your organization can provide distinct values and solutions is one of the first steps to building a credible, reputable brand that people are confident to get behind. An established, recognizable brand also has more leverage in the marketplace, bringing your organization added value.

Branding Helps Make Your Platform Unique and Stand Out from the Crowd

The best way to differentiate your organization from others, particularly those that operate within the same circle, is by developing branding that uniquely portrays your organization, its values, and the solutions it provides for its stakeholders. In a crowded market, it’s important to set your organization apart, and maintaining unique branding is one way to do so.

Branding Shows Your Values

It’s true—the brand colors, fonts, logos, and persona you build all help to inform the public of your organization’s values. For example, the psychology of color tells us that blue tends to have a calming effect on observers, while yellow evokes warmth and happiness. Similarly, a distinct logo can instantly, and without words, provide donors and clients with an idea of what your organization values. Each element of your organization’s branding should work together harmoniously to fully embody its primary mission.

Branding Helps to Build and Maintain a Cohesive Team

When you develop a distinct brand, it not only helps external stakeholders to make a connection with your organization, it also helps to create a more inclusive atmosphere for your organization’s team members. Strong branding can help team members recognize that they are an integral part of something meaningful, and job satisfaction is a key predictor of an organization’s productivity.

Branding Sets Expectations

Just as your distinct brand builds credibility with your stakeholders, it also sets their expectations. When a donor or client recognizes your brand and the mission it puts forward, they are more likely to view your organization as legitimate and trustworthy. Furthermore, taking the time to clearly define your brand shows the world that you are a force to be taken seriously.

Branding Helps You Remain Focused on Your Mission

A disorganized mission is one that is unlikely to succeed. That’s where distinct branding steps in and helps your organization and its team members remain focused on achieving specific goals. Remaining consistent in your messaging, appearance, and values helps all components of your organization to work together seamlessly.

Expand Your Branding Knowledge with PhilU’s Branding 101 Course

Whether you’re in the initial stages of developing your brand identity, or you have an established brand that you’d like to empower further, our Branding 101 course helps you learn how to establish a brand presence that leaves you poised for success.

This 5-module course of study covers the essentials, from defining your brand core and developing your brand identity to creating brand interactions and effectively implementing your brand. Along the way, you’ll see first-hand how important strong branding is for reaching your organizational goals. Enroll today and take your organization to the next level of transformative social impact.

May 27, 2021


Valerie is our Digital Marketing Manager at Philanthropy U. She has a background in market research analysis, branding and scaling startups.