Philanthropy University is delighted to announce the five recipients and six runners up of our special grant program, created to celebrate the launch of our new platform and its seven new courses earlier this year.

The special program recognizes local organizations that exhibit a strong commitment to building their own capacity, and have taken steps to put their new learnings into practice.

Each grantee will be awarded a $1,000 USD unrestricted grant to invest in their organizations future and that of those they serve. Grantees hail from Chile, Democratic Republic of Congo, India, Kenya, The UK and Nigeria and are working on a variety of issues including education, health, female empowerment and art therapy.

The five selected grantees are:

  • Kshamtalaya Foundation (India);
  • Africommunity Technology Development Center (Nigeria);
  • Fundacion Kapchiy (Chile);
  • M-Prez Enterprise (United Kingdom);
  • Malaika (Democratic Republic of Congo);

We also say a huge congratulations to six runners up:

  • Equip Mozambique (Mozambique);
  • Centre for Child Development and Research (Malawi);
  • Amigos for Children (Hungary);
  • Strategic Missions (Kenya);
  • Institute of Global Communication and Diplomacy (Nigeria); and
  • Mamwaki Enterprise (Kenya).

All 11 finalists have done remarkable work in their communities and we offer a “congratulations” to each of them.

On being selected for a grant, Connor Diemand Yauman, CEO of Philanthropy University said:

“After reviewing many submissions, we are delighted to have selected five organisations to be awarded a $1,000 USD grant. It is clear to us that these organisations serve a very important role in their communities, and we are pleased that Philanthropy University has helped them build new skills to take their organization even further. Congratulations!”

Shining a spotlight

Over the coming months we will shine a spotlight on each of our special program grantees, share their stories and follow their progress.

In the meantime you can read more of our learners stories or help to drive dialogue throughout the international community on the urgent need to close the CSO gap by using our hashtag #5000stronger on Twitter and Facebook.

June 7, 2018


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