We join our partners in honoring the women driving change as well as the local organizations with missions specific to women and girls.

Every day, we celebrate the incredible work local leaders do with unparalleled commitment and compassion within their communities. While it is not just one day of the year that we take extra time to appreciate all of the contributions women and girls make in this work, today we embrace this formal, coordinated recognition of female power, voice and passion.

We join our partners in honoring the women driving change throughout the world as well as the local organizations with missions specific to women and girls.
Here are how some of our partners are capitalizing on such an important, and pertinent, International Women’s Day:

  • M-Changa today stands with Nairobits for their dedication to giving girls access to education and their stance on gender equality and the rights of women everywhere. Nairobits said, “this year, we’re celebrating the progress of remarkable women in Kenya, who fought hard and braved many challenges to ensure that women today have the rights and freedom to be pursue their careers, to break the glass ceiling, to be heard and most importantly, to be themselves. It is because of these wonder women that we must keep fighting for gender equality, inclusivity and action. Uniting our voices means giving women everywhere a better chance.”
  • Mercy Corps highlights the story of Tiko and Guo in Uganda, and that ‘when we invest in women, communities prosper. When women rise, we all do.’ Read their story here.
  • The Global Fund For Children honors the fearless women trailblazers, disruptors, and change-makers, as we celebrate International Women’s Day. Josephine Kulea founded Samburu Girls Foundation to serve girls at risk of FGM and forced marriage. The GFC proudly partners with SGF and with others using passion and local knowledge to help children and youth reach their full potential.

How, or who, are you celebrating today? Share with us on Facebook or Twitter.

March 8, 2018


Paige is the lead of our Marketing and Communications department at Philanthropy U. She is passionate about projects that blend technology and social missions.


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