Course Certification

While Philanthropy University is a non-degree, diploma or credit granting initiative, learners in the past had the opportunity to demonstrate their achievements by earning the following certifications from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, the world’s top public university.  

Statement of Accomplishment

Participants who completed one course earned a Statement of Accomplishment from Berkeley-Haas, demonstrating their newly acquired skills and commitment to creating a deeper impact.

Certificate in Social Sector Leadership

Participants who completed all seven of our core curriculum courses earned a Certificate in Social Sector Leadership from Berkeley-Haas, helping them build recognition among their colleagues as an accomplished global impact leader. 

In addition to a downloadable certificate, recipients of the Certificate in Social Sector Leadership received a variety of benefits, including but not limited to:

  • A certificate link that they could proudly place on their preferred professional networking site to publicly demonstrate their achievement and commitment
  • An invitation to join the invite-only Philanthropy University/Haas Alumni LinkedIn Group, providing further opportunities to meet and network with other certificate recipients from around the world
  • Access to Berkeley-Haas Magazine’s three annual digital editions
  • Invitations to participate in exclusive Berkeley networking and educational events, including the Berkeley-Haas Annual Alumni Conference and Chapter events in cities around the globe, in addition to the San Francisco Bay Area

Certificate FAQs

Until when were Statements of Accomplishment and Certificates in Social Sector Leadership from Berkeley-Haas offered?

Statements and Certificates were offered through the end of Session II in June 2017. 

Will Philanthropy University offer certifications from Berkeley-Haas after Session II 2017?

Following the end of Session II, the Certificate program will be paused while we develop new and exciting offerings designed to better serve nonprofit leaders. We will be sharing more information about these improvements over the coming months.

What courses are required to earn the Certificate before the end of Session II 2017?

Here are the seven core courses that were required to earn the Certificate from Berkeley-Haas:

Global Social Entrepreneurship

Essentials of Nonprofit Strategy

Financial Modeling for the Social Sector

Leadership: Ten Rules for Impact and Meaning

How to Scale Social Impact

Fundraising: How to Connect with Donors

Organizational Capacity: Assessment to Action


Will I still be able to download my Statements and Certificate from Philanthropy University after Session II 2017?

If you would like to share your Statement of Accomplishment or Certificate in Social Sector Leadership on social media, as an endorsement to employers, or for any personal use, please be sure to download these documents by June 30, 2017.  At that time, Philanthropy University will transition the Certificate program and these documents will no longer be accessible. We apologize for this inconvenience, and will provide all learners with multiple reminders over the coming months to take the steps to save these certifications.

How do I share my Statement or Certificate on Social Media?

Follow these easy steps to share your achievement on LinkedIn with colleagues and potential employers:

  1. Log on and access your electronic Certificate in Social Sector Leadership in the Philanthropy University Program Space.
  2. Click “Download Certificate” to download your Certificate as a printable PDF.
  3. Click “Make Public & Share Your Certificate”, then click “Share Your Certificate”.
  4. In the pop up box, click the LinkedIn “Add to Profile” button.
  5. In the next pop up box asking, “Want to add your University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business certification?” click “Save” to have the Certificate information appear in the “Certifications” section.