Our courses are built with the guidance of Philanthropy University Course Advisors: individuals and organizations with a deep understanding of their field and experience delivering social impact.

Advisors collaborate with our Instructional Design team to build engaging courses on topics proven to measurably improve organizations – including fundamentals in nonprofit capacity building, management, social entrepreneurship and more.

All advisors are financially compensated for their hard work and also are featured on our platform as a world-class authority in their field of expertise.

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For each of our priority course topics, we are looking for an individual or organization with the knowledge, experience and passion necessary to power a brand-new course. Our 2020 course topics include:

  • Performance Management

  • Using Excel for Data Analysis

  • Managing Budgets

  • Introduction to Program Evaluation

  • Digital Fundraising Tools & Strategies

  • Creating a Plan to Earn Revenue

  • Financial Reporting

  • Digital Data Management

Qualified Course Advisors may be either individuals or organizations. They may live anywhere in the world. They may be a CEO of a small organization, a manager of a local NGO branch, a finance manager at a CSO or hold any number of other titles. In short, Philanthropy University Course Advisors are a diverse, talented group of people.

Our course advisors share a few common traits, including the following requirements:

Deep Knowledge

Broad, practical knowledge of one of Philanthropy University’s new course topics. Ability to explain concepts in clear, accessible ways.


At least five years experience applying course concepts to social impact work, ideally in the field.


Fluency in English to collaborate with Instructional Design team. Availability to contribute about 30 hours of work over six months.

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“Working with Philanthropy U’s Instructional Design team on Planning for Monitoring and Evaluation enabled us to turn our detailed training content and tools into an online course that we now use with grantees and staff around the world. The process of creating the course was both collaborative and collegial, and we look forward to working on more Philanthropy University courses in the future.”

Barney Singer, MA, JD, FHI 360

“We had an exceptional partnership with Philanthropy U in jointly developing a project management course. They are great collaboration partners and willing learners in making sure all content is accurate and useful for the participant. We would welcome another collaboration in the future.”

Amy Gaver, MBTI®, Mission Critical Development