Frequently Asked Questions

Important update for Philanthropy University learners! As of June 30, 2017, all Philanthropy University courses have paused as we build a new learning platform and develop relevant courses that will address the unique needs of our target learners. Access to all course content is currently closed.  Stay tuned for updates from Philanthropy University on our relaunch date.

Can I receive a hard copy of my Statement of Accomplishment or Certificate in Social Sector Leadership?

Participants who completed the course and program requirements should have received a digital copy of their Statement of Accomplishment and/or Certificate in Social Sector Leadership to download and print prior to Philanthropy University’s current break in offering courses. If you did not have a chance to download your Statement of Accomplishment and/or Certificate in Social Sector Leadership prior to this break, please contact and we will  provide you with a new digital copy. Philanthropy University does not provide hard copies of Statements and Certificates by mail.

Why is Philanthropy University pausing all course offerings?

Philanthropy University is improving its model and platform to meet the unique needs of our target users in locally led non-profits in the Global South. We will distill learnings and findings from the experience of our current learners to inform and strengthen this process.

Why is Philanthropy University now focused on organizations based in the Global South?

As of  June 30, 2017, all Philanthropy University courses have paused as we develop new content for our learners. This pause comes as we shift our strategic focus to better address the needs of nonprofits based in the Global South. To understand more about this shift please read this blog.

When will Philanthropy University be back?

Philanthropy University is committed to providing capacity building support to Southern-based locally-led organizations working to do social good. Over the coming months we will be researching, reviewing and creating new content to better serve our learners. While exact dates have not yet been set, new courses will likely be available in early 2018. We will continue to keep you updated on our launch date and how you can sign up.

Will courses only be available for organizations based in the Global South?

No, anyone is able to sign up for a Philanthropy University course, regardless of their location. While courses are designed to meet the specific needs of a Global South audience, we expect them to provide value to all learners that enroll.

How will I find out about new courses and the relaunch of Philanthropy University?

We will be sending email updates and sharing social media news with our learner community.  You are our most vested supporter and our goal is to keep you fully informed of our learnings and plans as we improve our product and prepare to relaunch courses in early 2018.

When can I register again?

We plan to launch our new platform with a selection of new courses sometime in early 2018.  We will keep you up to date as our timings become more firm.

Will Philanthropy University continue to partner with Berkeley-Haas going forward?

Yes, we will continue our partnership with Berkeley-Haas. We are exploring different ways to use their certification of our courses to best reflect mastery of the skills needed by non-profit leaders.  We will have more information available on credentialing options later this year.

Will Philanthropy University be offering the same courses when it returns?

We will offer reformatted and updated versions of many of our original courses. We will also offer a collection of new courses that will launch in phases throughout 2018.

Will the Certificate still be available when Philanthropy University returns?

The certificate program as previously structured will no longer be available. Philanthropy University is developing new ways to measure skills and competency acquisition and will be sharing more information about these improvements over the coming months. As part of this process, we are evaluating how a certificate can best reflect mastery and be useful to our learners, employers and partners.

Will my Certificate in Social Sector Leadership from Berkeley-Haas still have value?

Berkeley-Haas is proud to have provided Certificates to so many dedicated Philanthropy University learners who have demonstrated their commitment to becoming engaged and knowledgeable contributors in the social sector.  You have earned a Certificate from the world’s top public university and can continue to display it as a badge of your accomplishment to employers, colleagues and friends. Certificate earners will always be part of the global Philanthropy University/Berkeley-Haas alumni group and are encouraged to stay connected through our LinkedIn Group and social media.

Will the courses I’ve already taken apply to the Certificate when Phil U returns?

Certification will not be offered again under the current format. However, we will do our best to apply any completed coursework towards new certification opportunities.

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