Are you looking to grow your nonprofit or NGO? Read how to choose the best free online fundraising courses to continue the development of your organization.

No matter the size, budget, or mission of a nonprofit, having a solid infrastructure to sustain and hopefully grow your organization is essential. In order to do that, nonprofits need to fundraise. Free, online fundraising courses are a great resource for building your marketing strategy, developing skills, writing impactful communications that sway donors, and rounding out your resume.  

How To Choose The Best Free, Online Fundraising Courses To Grow Your Nonprofit

Fundraising is an art that many organizations try hard to succeed at but often struggle with. Whether it’s talking to an audience in an effective way, targeting the right people, or putting needed resources towards the cultivation and diversification of funding, you need to have a solid strategy in place to help overcome nonprofit fundraising challenges.

However, that takes work. It also takes skills and knowledge that most of us never received in school. Online learning is a fast-growing space that provides information to people around the world, and many times, the best fundraising courses are available for free, or at a low price. Finding the right online fundraising training depends on a number of factors. Since we are focused on helping learners build capacity around the world, we wanted to break down what is needed so you can decide which free, online fundraising courses are best for your organization.

Considerations for Online Fundraising Training


We know you lead a busy life and, while you want to prioritize fundraising, finding the right online fundraising course might fall to the wayside. Whether you are running a nonprofit and have one hour a week, or you work part-time and want to take a more time-intensive course, there are options out there for you! Some fundraising courses take months and need many hours a week to complete while others are a few weeks long and only require one hour a week. Think about what time commitment you can stick to so that you can complete the course.


Fundraising is a complex and multi-faceted part of a nonprofit’s work. It is important to consider what you are specifically looking for from online fundraising training. Different courses will focus on different aspects of fundraising. Some courses are focused on learning a very specific and detailed part of fundraising while others are broader and more of an overview.


While most free, online fundraising courses are in  English, we understand that many learners around the world would prefer to learn in their native language. More and more learning platforms are working to accommodate non-Native English speaking learners.


Certain online fundraising trainings will give out certificates upon completion, which can be referenced on a resume or open opportunities to participate in new courses. Finding a course that offers a fundraising certificate online may be beneficial depending on the fundraising you do. Fundraising certification programs can also unlock points and/or needed requirements for people who want to explore ongoing formal education.

If you are looking for a beginners course, make sure to check out Philanthropy University’s free, online  Introduction to Fundraising course. Organizations that are new to fundraising and individuals just starting to consider how to raise funds will find this course most useful. Best of all, no previous learning or experience is required. The course is three weeks long with a one to two-hour time commitment per week. It takes place in English.

Our fundraising certificate program course consists of two modules. The first module helps learners leverage the people and resources in your community effectively for your organization and the second module helps you understand the basics of the fundraising world, including common terms and rules.

Not quite ready to enroll in a course? Check out our community pages on nonprofit fundraising to speak with others about their nonprofit fundraising programs.


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