Introducing Philanthropy University 2.0

Iteration is at the heart of any quality product. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, only those that adapt, learn and improve will stay relevant to customers.


Innovative Finance in the Context of Colombia

The BC.Lab works  to close the gap between the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and the social development challenges in Latin America. 


Putting the Phil in Philanthropy University

After over six months of searching, we are pleased to announce that Phil Clark will be joining the Philanthropy University team as Head of Product.


John Hecklinger on Partnering with Bold Grassroots Leaders

The President & CEO of Global Fund for Children explains how the organization empowers local leaders to address the issues facing youth across the globe.


Opening Doors – the Key to Grassroots Partnerships

Global Fund for Children is bringing opportunities to local leaders focused on improving the lives of youth and children. Check out SAKALA’s story.