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MEET Abdulhaq Niazi


It is extremely challenging to operate as a nonprofit in Afghanistan given constant stresses, constraints and problems from the political, and cultural, climate. Abdulhaq grew up in a war-torn country in a largely illiterate population that had become numb to brutality, bad habits, harsh customs and corruption. He always wanted to help women, children and other vulnerable people, but his dreams to make a social impact organization were met with laughs. It was nearly impossible to convince his family to support his vision, but he was on a mission: to create a unique nonprofit that truly serves the Afghan people without any prejudice.

When he created Today’s Afghanistan Conciliation Trust (TACT), he did not encounter one or two challenges but dozens. He was always online in search of solutions. He found Philanthropy University and, as a small organization with broad goals and objectives and limited access to funds, he immediately enrolled in the Introduction to Fundraising course.

After continuing on to complete all three Philanthropy University fundraising courses, Abdulhaq approached fundraising in a more professional, impactful way than ever before. He raised over $200,000 USD and attracted over 15 national and international partners. Approximately 1 million Afghans have, directly and indirectly, benefited from TACT.

He says he still has things to learn – like how to use social media to fundraise – but he already has plans to do it with Philanthropy University. He says he is so inspired that such a sophisticated platform offers quality instruction for free. He already has highly recommended Philanthropy University to other professionals and local organizations. Today, TACT is focused on creating free schools, clinics, hospitals and women empowerment centers across the country dedicated for women and children. He continues to push towards creating a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan. He says it is not so easy yet, but he will continue to work hard alongside other community heroes to make that dream come true.

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TACT aims to foster peace and stability, national unity, human rights and prosperity by strengthening and empowering communities.



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