After his Teach For India fellowship, he traveled village-to-village to work with communities. His Philanthropy University coursework helped him to open his own foundation to help local youth, with an focus on education.

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Kshamtalaya Foundation

The Kshamtalaya Foundation aims to contribute to and build learning spaces that bring educational and social equity.

Alokesh a graduate in English Literature and a post graduate in Mass Communication, Advertising and Journalism. He has represented India in Canada, U.K. U.A.E, Malaysia and Pakistan on various cultural and theatre events. He was a Teach For India Fellow, after which he worked with the state education boards of Gujarat, Jharkhand and Himachal Pradesh on C.C.E. He then worked in Uganda to support teachers from government schools to improve children’s learning. At Kshamtalaya, Alokesh worked to design the program, managed documentation and looked after the on ground operations. He was also responsible for quality delivery of the programs on the ground. In the Aafaaq Foundation he works in schools, coaching the team on classroom interventions and creating opportunities for funds and generation of revenue, apart from working with the team to create the program model.

Philanthropy University courses taken: Essentials Of Nonprofit Strategy, Global Social Entrepreneurship, Leadership And Ten Rules For Impact And Meaning, Organizational Capacity: Assessment To Action.

Learning from Philanthropy University: The courses from Philanthropy University helped me a lot in understanding the nuances of creating a collective and sustaining it. The courses supported me in understanding what leadership actually means and how the opportunity could be provided to everyone. It also helped me in understanding the progress and what measures could be taken to strengthen the evaluation processes.

After my fellowship in Teach For India and experience of working with governments in India and Uganda, I decided to work in the interiors. Places where no one would go. My belief was that beneficiaries should not continue to remain beneficiaries even after years of intervention and should get the opportunities to be owners. So I travel from village to village to intervene in schools and work with communities, trying to create a collective which will then be involved in some entrepreneurial ventures. Once people who are better come over, I move to another place and put my endeavors in creating another collective and provide platforms where local youth can be directors or leaders of the collective. After working to create Kshamtalaya, I have moved to Kihar valley in Himachal Pradesh in India where another organization is created named Aafaaq Foundation with the local youth with focus on education. The courses form Philanthropy University have gone a long way in supporting me to do so.