Elvis Nshimba

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Organization: Georges Malaika Foundation (Malaika)

Title: Program Coordinator and Teacher

Focus area of organization:  Education, Youth and Female Empowerment

Background: Elvis Nshimba is Program Coordinator and Teacher with Malaika. When he joined the team in 2012, he was hired as a teacher. His interest in developing leadership skills prompted him to search for online courses at Philanthropy University.  Upon enrollment, Malaika supported Elvis in his education by providing consistent internet access.  In 2014, after actively participating in a training with Coaches Across Continents, Elvis began working with the community youth to change their mentality and guide them towards positive change. In December 2017, Elvis began to work in the coordination of our Nzuri Threads Project at the Malaika Community Center in Lumbumbashi.  Nzuri Threads is a project that aims to financially empower women in the community through a series of training sessions on literacy, entrepreneurship, sewing and embroidery.

Thanks to the skills Elvis acquired at Philanthropy University, he was able to successfully supervise 47 women through the completion of the project’s first year.  In addition to the school, Elvis also works at the Community Center as a Program Coordinator where they free sports, literacy, and IT programs for  youth and vocational training for women.

Philanthropy University courses taken: Leadership, Global Entrepreneurship, Essentials for Nonprofit Organization, How to Scale the Social Impact

Learning from Philanthropy University: The knowledge Elvis gained through Philanthropy University has helped him to be a better leader and a source of inspiration for the youth in Kalebuka and at the school.  The courses he has taken have been very helpful in growing and maintaining Malaika’s projects.  Thanks to the knowledge he has gained, Elvis better understands Malaika’s mission and has been able to streamline implementation. Elvis has been sharing his experience with his fellow workers at Malaika so they too can learn and improve their teaching methods, communication and management.  He intends to pursue other courses like Advocacy and Planning for Monitoring and Evaluation so that he can assist in evaluating Malaika’s impact in Kalebuka, strengthen the organization for the future, and further empower the community.