Fadera Williams

Country: Nigeria

Organization: Sustain Africa Earth Initiative

Title: President 

Focus area of organization:  Sustainable development, with a focus on environmental advocacy and youth development

Background: Fadera has a background in landscape architecture and graduated from the first landscape architecture program in West Africa. Her Masters thesis was on carbon sequestration, which grew her interest in the environment. Fadera began working with schools, encouraging them to plant trees and learn about global warming. 

Philanthropy University courses taken: Social Entrepreneurship 

Learning from Philanthropy University: People referred to Fadera a social entrepreneur but she did not fully understand what this meant until she joined Philanthropy University. While taking one of our courses, the instructor shared the concept of social entrepreneurship as a democracy of solutions; this significantly shifted her organizational strategy. She embraced this concept and brought it to life in her own work. Rather than try to persuade people to plant trees one-by-one, she created a hub where people could discuss and help solve environmental issues. She has become an inspirational figure for the others in her community.