This team of co-founders used Philanthropy University to build their skills in fundraising and network with other social entrepreneurs from all over the world.

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Fundación Kapchiy

Fundación Kapchiy aims to design and promote workshops and seminars of different art disciplines for underprivileged children and teenagers in public schools in Chile.

Katia is founder and president of Kapchiy Foundation. She is a Chemical Civil Engineer and has a master’s Degree in science and food technology. Katia is an international consultant with more than 15 years of experience, working in different kind of companies, complementing professional work with a constant search for social responsibility and sustainability in companies and institutions. Previously, Katia has been a Director, President and Collaborator in different Association and Social Responsibility Foundations, such as: PD Foundation (Hungary), Mepa Empowerment (Nigeria), Help for the Andes Foundation, Jesuit Congregation – insertion of Immigrants in the Chilean society, among others.

Cristina is the co-founder and director of Kapchiy Foundation. She has a Bachelor in Economics and is currently a Full Time MBA student of UC Berkeley. Cristina has participated in different education community programs in Peru and Chile, having an special focus on the development of socio emotional skills in children between 6 and 14 years old. Before being part of Kapchiy Foundation, she used to work with the organization Servicio Jesuita Migrante, leading a Chilean social program for immigrant children in Chile. She is also the Co-founder of Educa.Impacta.Crece a Peruvian organization developing socio-emotional skills in underprivileged school in Lima, Peru.

Philanthropy University Courses Taken:

Essentials of Nonprofit Strategy, Global Social Entrepreneurship, Fundraising: Connecting with Donors.

Learning from Philanthropy University: 

Essentials of Nonprofit Strategy and Global Social Entrepreneurship gave me the tools to better define the scope of our social program. The courses confirmed the importance to have a strategic plan to achieve the organization goal and increase our impact on our beneficiaries. The course connecting with donors gave us a framework to interact with potential donors for our organization, giving us tools to engage with our donors and useful strategies to increase our network.

The most exciting part of learning from Philanthropy University is the interaction with other students, having the opportunity to learn from social entrepreneurs from all over the world, listen to their stories and exchange our experiences and challenges.