Tomar Beh is the founder of M-prez Enterprise Ltd., a creative platform that provides young females with an outlet to pursue their creative endeavors.

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M-prez Enterprise Ltd
United Kingdom

M-prez Enterprise is to be creative platform and resource for females and young adults, concerned with their unique experience and ambitions. It aspires to uplift and aid in the self-development of women and girls from ethnic minorities, a historically at-risk and traditionally under served population.

Tomar Beh was born in Berlin, Germany by Liberian parents. In Berlin, she was a radio DJ and TV presenter promoting urban music such as Dancehall, Reggae, Hip Hop and African music. During the day she produced radio shows and interviewed artists and at night she was a DJ, producing events and playing music for female crowds.

She completed her BA with Honors in Entertainment Management and a MA in European Cultural Policy and Management. During her studies, she started M-prez Enterprise in an effort to empower females and young adults, especially those of African and Caribbean heritage.  Realizing that they needed to build self-esteem, positive experiences and tangible accomplishments, she built on her passion for arts and culture to produce participatory projects for young people.

In addition to M-prez Enterprise, she is building a renewable energy business, to bring renewable energy solutions to rural communities in West Africa. She started this venture out of a passion for sustainable development in Africa, which led to her participation in the Rio+20 Campaign to get more people interested in sustainable development.

Philanthropy University courses taken: Financial Modeling for the Social Sector, Essential Nonprofit Strategy, Fundraising: How to Connect with Donors, Global Social Entrepreneurship, Leadership: Ten Rules of Impact and Meaning, Organisational Capacity: Assessment to Action

Learning from Philanthropy University: Because of Philanthropy University, Tomar is inspired to continue learning. The Fundraising course was absolutely critical for her when she was on maternity leave. It gave her renewed confidence to connect with donors and write better funding applications through building stronger relationships with donors. It also enabled her to evaluate where she wanted to go as an individual and an organization. All the learning that has been offered will help strengthen M-prez Enterprises. She plans to take many more courses, especially Girl Centered Design and the Monitoring and Evaluation course.

The grant from Philanthropy University has allowed Tomar’s African inspired children’s group to get a new projector so they can run more engaging activities with the children. They are also able to make better presentations and share their learning through this grant. It has been awesome to be recognized for work, which is often overlooked but needed in the community.