Philanthropy University is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with the global advisory firm Sustainability Knowledge Group.

This collaboration reflects our shared dedication to transforming lives through the power of knowledge and education. Sustainability Knowledge Group will be a course advisor in the development of a new course titled “Stakeholder Engagement Strategy.” The course will touch upon all key aspects of strategic stakeholder management, which is vital for social impact leaders working with an increasingly diverse set of stakeholders, at the local and international levels. This is an area in which Sustainability Knowledge Group has extensive expertise that will directly benefit the learner experience.

Available this summer, the upcoming “Stakeholder Engagement Strategy” course will consist of five modules to help social impact leaders develop a cohesive stakeholder management strategy, focusing on stakeholder identification, mapping, engagement, and evaluation.

Sustainability Knowledge Group is a global advisory firm dedicated to creating value through strategic CSR & Sustainability training, coaching and advisory solutions. They work with companies to develop, manage and measure effective Sustainability & CSR strategies and programs that address social and environmental challenges. Find out how we create positive impact here:

Philanthropy University is a free online learning platform that uses technology to upskill, connect and fund local social impact organizations in under-resourced communities. We deliver practical learning and support, where it matters most, through world-class online courses, peer-to-peer knowledge exchange and funding opportunities. Ultimately, we act as a catalyst for long-term systemic change only possible by bringing measurable efficiency to the frontlines, globally. Start learning at

Read the full press release here.


April 16, 2019


Gina is our Marketing Manager at Philanthropy U. She has a background in international education, international development and scaling enterprises.


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