Philanthroprenuership Forum: Philanthropy and Forward Thinking

It’s been almost six months since my husband David and I attended the second annual Philanthropreneurship Forum in Versailles, France, and I wanted to share some of my reflections about this amazing experience. When David and I were invited to participate by the Forum’s Founding Chairman, His Excellency Amr Al-Dabbagh, we didn’t know what to expect, but were intrigued by the notion that His Excellency was bringing together people from all over the world to discuss how to best leverage the skills needed to create a more just and equitable global community. Before meeting, he asked the participants to ponder which attributes philanthropy and entrepreneurship could bring to the pressing problems facing our world. His Excellency had actually coined the term “philanthropreneurship” to describe the nimbleness of the entrepreneurial spirit combined with the philanthropic mission of working for the benefit of mankind. David and I had already liked his courageous vision and were honored to be asked to participate in the gathering.

We met in a secluded and beautiful environment in Versailles to discuss philanthropreneurship in depth. His Excellency’s vision is both strategic and purposeful: to bridge cultures and skill sets, and most importantly to build trust and diplomacy. With this as his guide, His Excellency is creating an international network—a Davos of sorts for philanthropic and likeminded entrepreneurial leaders—that recognizes the need for global diplomacy in a time when borders between countries are blurring, refugees are increasing by the millions, and water and other natural resources are being strained by overpopulation.

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