Six Visionaries Establish Philanthropy U Inaugural Board

(Oakland, CA) – September 16, 2019 — Philanthropy U (, which upskills & funds social impact organizations in under-resourced communities, announced today its inaugural Board of Directors. 

Board members include: Paul Polman, Chair of International Chamber of Commerce and Former CEO of Unilever; Laura D’Andrea Tyson, Distinguished Professor of the Graduate School and Faculty Director of the Institute for Business & Social Impact, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley; Sharifah Sofia Albukhary, Trustee of Albukhary Foundation; Steve Davis, President and CEO of PATH; Mona Mourshed, President and CEO of Generation and Partner leading social responsibility at McKinsey & Company; and His Excellency Amr Al-Dabbagh, Chairman and CEO of the Al-Dabbagh Group, as Chairman.

Each board member brings a breadth of expertise from their respective careers in technology, philanthropy, education, academia and international development.

“Watching this dynamic set of visionaries coalesce around our approach and organization is humbling,” said Connor Diemand-Yauman, CEO of Philanthropy U. “The caliber of our board speaks to the essential, timely nature of Philanthropy U’s work. With their addition, I’ve never been more confident in our ability to spur systems-level change.”

“I’m delighted to chair this Board of Directors and work alongside respected industry leaders who share our passion to extend transformative learning experiences to the frontlines of social change,” said Al-Dabbagh. “We have an exciting journey ahead.”

Philanthropy University serves over 30,000 organizations across 180 countries as the first-of-its-kind learning platform dedicated to social impact. It breaks the mold of a traditional e-learning solution by seamlessly joining courses, online communities and funding opportunities together in one place.

Ultimately, Philanthropy U aims to resource on-the-ground organizations with transformative experiences and support to drive bigger outcomes and accelerate progress towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Board of Director biographies and headshots can be found on our website.

About Philanthropy University:

Philanthropy University is a free online learning platform that uses technology to upskill, connect and fund local social impact organizations in under-resourced communities. We deliver practical learning and support, where it matters most, through world-class online courses, peer-to-peer knowledge exchange and funding opportunities. Ultimately, we act as a catalyst for long-term systemic change only possible by bringing measurable efficiency to the frontlines, globally. Learn more at


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Paige Dearing,  email , +1 301-717-1415.

September 16, 2019


Paige is the lead of our Marketing and Communications department at Philanthropy U. She is passionate about projects that blend technology and social missions.


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