Philanthropy U embarks on a new journey this year. Our premier capacity-building platform will join the suite of services offered by OneValley a global entrepreneurship and innovation platform for individuals, startups and corporations seeking innovation and accelerated growth.

This merging of efforts follows Philanthropy U’s history of innovation in capacity building and offers an exciting opportunity for our community. With this new development we will be able to leverage OneValley’s success to support nonprofits and civil society organizations better than ever before. Our learners will enjoy the support of a bigger ecosystem, encompassing both in-person innovation centers as well as a world-class online platform.

Communities around the world are facing multiple crises simultaneously, from the COVID-19 pandemic to climate change. Local, grassroot organizations around the world are stepping up to meet these challenges while facing unique difficulties of their own. Philanthropy U and OneValley remain committed to supporting these frontline organizations and entrepreneurs in creating systemic change and transforming lives. Through this joint vision we will continue to innovate scalable solutions to capacity building and funding for social impact leaders. Our teams will launch a new funding marketplace, connecting donors to organizations while making an impact on the ground with a common mission. Through this new phase, we will continue offering free courses and resources to impactful teams around the world.

“This combination will provide significant support for Philanthropy U’s goal of impacting 1 billion lives by 2026 by increasing the capacity of startups and CSOs to build successful organizations and serve their communities globally” said M H Jazeel, the Sole Director of Philanthropy U.

We are proud of the incredible accomplishments of Philanthropy U in our first 5 years. We now offer 31 courses supporting the work of over 250,000 learners in more than 160 countries. Joining the OneValley family will help us accelerate our offerings and expand on our vision for years to come.

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October 5, 2021