January 21, 2021 — Al-Dabbagh Group, in partnership with HYPE Innovation, recently launched the Omnipreneurship Awards Program to recognize colleagues’ efforts in embracing the tenets of Omnipreneurship. Three Philanthropy U team members, Cathy Huang, Chris Kyriacou and Alex Fang are being recognized this month by the Internal Awards Program division for their outstanding work in using competitive innovation to solve various business challenges.

Omnipreneurship—a term coined by our Chairman and CEO of Al-Dabbagh Group (ADG), Amr Al-Dabbagh—is the philosophy of applying an entrepreneurial approach to every aspect of life in order to leave meaningful impact on one’s business, family and community. This way of living a life of meaning is anchored upon three principles which help us create balance, giving, earning and sustaining. Additionally, Omnipreneurship emphasizes the five values which create the foundation for all actions of integrity, passion, respect, forward thinking and teamwork. Beyond these principles and values, the spirit of Omnipreneurship is embodied by its ten golden rules which are like accelerators that help turbo charge us to reach our goals:

  • I aim, therefore I am
  • The greatest among you
  • Exceptional execution
  • Imagine the next big thing
  • Honey is money
  • Design organically
  • Collaborate to accelerate
  • Delight the stakeholder
  • No risk, no gain
  • Share your story

By adhering to the three principles, five values and the ten golden rules of Omnipreneurship, you can achieve your ultimate goals while doing so in a way that respects the surrounding environment and people.

The Omnipreneurship Awards celebrate the power of crowdsourcing and open innovation as a means of solving some of the biggest challenges facing the modern world.

“We plan to launch annual Omnipreneurship challenges—all linked to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals—to engage both our internal and external networks to promote the Omnipreneurship philosophy, while helping solve the key global and environmental challenges we are facing in the hopes of creating a better world for all,” said Sahar Taleb, Chief Omnipreneurship Officer at ADG.

The comprehensive goal of the awards program is to expand awareness of the Omnipreneurship philosophy, thereby creating value for ADG companies and communities around the world. The awards program aspires to engage all 16,000 of ADG’s global colleagues with internal award campaigns that encourage them to develop innovative solutions using the elements of Omnipreneurship.

The Selection Process

Award applicants submitted their ideas, innovations and relevant life stories to the awards committee, who then selected winners and runners-up for each award category. Adapted directly from the principles, values and golden rules of Omnipreneurship, these internal awards included Collaborate to Accelerate Award, Forward Thinking Award, Delight the Stakeholders Award, I Aim Therefore I Am Award and Sustaining Award. Philanthropy U team members received runner-up recognition in the categories of Delight the Stakeholders and I Aim, Therefore I Am.

Cathy Chris

Cathy Huang and Chris Kyriacou, Delight the Stakeholders Award runners-up for Philanthropy U’s Refer-All Network

Omnipreneurhip’s Delight the Stakeholders golden rule calls for the following: delight and surprise stakeholders; invest in connections as life-time partners; be a servant leader who makes things easy; trust and respect others; do for others what is worthwhile and establish win-win relationships. This internal award recognizes team member accomplishments in this area.

At Philanthropy U, team members are not simply employees, but rather, valuable members of a compassionate town that believes in the spirit of Omnipreneurship. As stakeholders in the company, Philanthropy U employees devote time and energy toward the common goal of enriching the world via its free online learning platform that emphasizes strategies, insights and tools for local grassroots organizations around the world. In return for their dedication to the Philanthropy U cause, the company has established a network to ensure that all team members, whether presently or formerly employed, have access to support from their peers.

Led by Cathy Huang and Chris Kyriacou, Philanthropy U’s Refer-All Network seeks to empower current and former employees and course facilitators with the resources and support they need to advance both their career and personal life plans. One of the components of this support system includes providing letters of recommendation and referrals to course facilitators and employees for subsequent employment opportunities, promotions or academic programs. Additionally, the Refer-All Network has created an informal Alumni group for employees who have moved on to new opportunities yet have a desire to stay connected and support each other professionally.


Alex Fang, I Aim, Therefore I Am Award runner-up

The I Aim, Therefore I Am Award is a nod to the first Golden Rule of Omnipreneurship, which focuses on establishing a Life Plan defining measurable and timely goals across myriad aspects of life to create the right amount of positive pressure to deliver results.

Amr Al-Dabbagh, who has been following his Life Plan since the age of 27, explains that the Life Plan “consists of ten categories that represent a comprehensive cross-section of life, each with its own Life Goal, two mid-term 2020 goals and three annual goals that contribute to the larger goal.” Al-Dabbagh adds that the Life Plan “represents something of a blueprint for your future and a guide to ensuring that you are present and mindful of all that needs to be achieved.”

Philanthropy U’s Alex Fang was recognized as a runner-up in this category of the 2020 Omnipreneurship Internal Awards. Alex’s Life Plan embodies the three principles, five values and ten Golden Rules of Omnipreneurship that apply equally to every realm of his life, from business, public sector and nonprofit goals to family life, recreation and personal experiences. Alex aims to “find a way to stay grounded and be grateful for my friends and family while also building a business that mitigates carbon and/or plastic via consumption.”

We celebrate these winners as they seek to improve the modern work environment for the betterment of all and establish both short and long-term goals that lead to a life of meaning and positive impact upon the global community.

January 21, 2021


Valerie is our Digital Marketing Manager at Philanthropy U. She has a background in market research analysis, branding and scaling startups.