“Achieving my Certificate in Social Sector Leadership  was a glorious event in my career, it has made me more confident.”


Since our 2015 launch, Philanthropy University’s foundational courses have attracted more than 220,000 learners from over 180 countries. Through our partnership with UC Berkeley, hundreds of learners have earned the free Certificate in Social Sector Leadership from Berkeley-Haas. We’re proud of and humbled by what we and our learners have achieved to date. Philanthropy University set out to help people achieve social good and create social impact, and the success stories from our learners have been nothing short of inspiring.

What’s Next?

We plan to deepen our focus on the needs of Southern locally-led non-profit organizations. Aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, our work will focus on providing civil society organizations with the social impact training, support, and resources they need to execute on a mission and achieve their goals. We believe that these social sector leadership organizations are best placed to deliver services, improve the lives of those they serve, and offer lasting solutions grounded in the context of their communities.

Core to this refocus is a desire to increase organizational effectiveness so that local organizations can achieve higher impact and long-term sustainability. By investing in the development of organizational infrastructure, through human resources, fundraising, and change management, for example, organizations are stronger and better positioned to respond to the critical social impact issues in their communities. To support this process, we are committed to building best-in-class learning experiences that teach the skills and competencies our learners need to thrive, creating dynamic community spaces for the sharing of best practices, and providing paths to financial resources. Through this combination of online nonprofit management courses, communities, and access to capital, Philanthropy University’s goal is to help measurably improve 5,000 local organizations in the Global South, enabling them to more effectively improve the lives of the people they serve.


We are so excited by what’s to come. And we couldn’t have gotten here without the dedication and hard work of our learners. While we’re constantly looking to build new courses, we’re proud to offer two free, online social impact and entrepreneurship courses:

  1. Social Impact: Planning for Success
  2. Global Social Entrepreneurship

If you’re not quite ready to enroll for a course, check out our communities page! Join to have meaningful discussions with other social leaders and learn how they’re striving to make an impact in their communities.