The Certificate in Social Sector Leadership: Voices of Learners

Achieving my Certificate was a glorious event in my career. The Certificate has made me more confident. It has opened up a new horizon for networking. It has strengthened my capacity to understand sustainable development. Emanuel, Bangladesh.

Emanuel is just one of many Philanthropy University learners who has recently completed his Certificate in Social Sector Leadership from the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley.

For almost two years Philanthropy University has provided online courses to people from across the globe wanting to do social good. Learners who complete all seven courses (including Fundraising: how to Connect with Donors, Essentials of Nonprofit Strategy, and Financial Modeling for the Social Sector) qualify for the certificate, and build recognition among their colleagues as  accomplished global impact leaders.  

Almost there?

If you’re working towards earning the Certificate, you have just one session left to complete the courses. Need a bit of inspiration for that final push? Receive a Berkeley-Haas Certificate link that you can proudly place on LinkedIn to publicly demonstrate your achievement and its endorsement by the world’s top public university. In addition, here are some testimonials from learners, on the certificate’s enduring value to their personal and professional lives, and the impact it has made in their organisations and beyond.

“Philanthropy University has indeed improved my confidence, and the Certificate makes me feel qualified and competent to pursue social sector development, starting with my organization. I am grateful and proud to be among the pioneering alumni.” Clement,  Nigeria


Taken together, the Social Sector Leadership Certificate has put me in power positions such as being offered board seats and joining advisory councils.” Hilary, United States of America


“For me, doing these courses was about formalising experiences that I have had over the past six years in the community and youth development fields and environmental advocacy area. I’ve been able to implement some of the techniques at work since completing the courses.” Adrian, Jamaica


“My CV now is much more attractive and with greater visibility. Several potential employers have asked me about this Certificate. ” Viara, Bulgaria


“The Certificate in Social Sector Leadership has helped to accelerate my transition from the private sector into the social sector. The tools, knowledge, and connections forged through the Philanthropy University program have been invaluable to me in this process.” Bret, United States


“The courses I took have deepened my understanding of the social sector. This has led to better engagement with colleagues and other  organisations, resulting in greater impact in our community. Since completing my Certificate at least four communities including mine have benefited from a number of projects that I have pioneered.” Jamil, Nigeria


“The Certificate program is truly the best social impact program that I have been through – and I have been through Harvard and MIT’s programs. This experience both taught me important skills but also allowed me to further the goals of my organization.” Ellen, United States of America


“Now, I am capable of helping social sector organizations…achieve their strategic and social goals. Nothing can be more satisfying than helping others around you to make this world a better place for children and the underprivileged. “ Shoaib, Saudia Arabia


“I have gained great insight into how a successful nonprofit organisation should be structured and how to be an effective fundraiser.” Joshua, South Africa


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