We can all agree that employees are the lifeline of an organization and your greatest asset as an employer. One of the best ways to show your appreciation is through training and professional development opportunities, but finding the right training is often difficult. It can be even more challenging to find free, online fundraising courses for nonprofits. The search often leaves employers at a disadvantage, and at a loss for what to offer their employees. Through Philanthropy University, we offer a variety of free, online, fundraising training programs to support your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts.

Improve Your Nonprofit Fundraising Strategy by Investing in Your Employees

As an employer, no matter the size, type or location of your organization, showing appreciation for your employees’ hard work and dedication to the organization is not only necessary, but a smart business decision. Increasingly, the demand for skilled employees has gone up, and, by providing free training and professional development opportunities to your employees, your organization will continue to attract the best talent and give you the boost you need to take your organization from good to exceptional. Furthermore, employees who feel like they are being invested in will, in turn, be more loyal to the organization, further dedicate themselves to their work, and decrease turnover rates.

Unfortunately, employee turnover rate is high in the nonprofit and fundraising sectors. But here is what you can do to support fundraising training programs for nonprofits and your employees. Philanthropy University offers free fundraising courses online that you can use to support your employees whether they are new to fundraising, or have been in the industry their entire career. Offering courses in nonprofit fundraising strategy, setting up a nonprofit board, and social impact, Philanthropy University has free classes for every type of non-profit professional.

How Can Philanthropy University Help Level-Up Your Fundraising Training Program?

Our latest fundraising training program for nonprofits is a course on Fundraising Strategies, which is perfect for professionals seeking to learn how to develop a fundraising strategy.  This free fundraising course helps you better understand whether your organization has a strong profile in the eyes of funders, and it provides easy-to-implement tactics for strengthening your nonprofit fundraising strategy. Through four different course modules, learners in this course will have the opportunity to reflect on their organization’s financial readiness to fundraise, understand the different methods and sources of funding, learn how to plan a fundraising event, write a grant proposal, and learn the ins and outs of successfully running a crowdfunding campaign.

Be sure to check out which courses offer a certificate upon completion. This is a great opportunity for fundraising professionals to not only showcase their skills on a resume or job application, but highlight their commitment to a current employer. Check out our website for more information on this course and additional fundraising training programs.

Not quite ready to enroll in a course? Check out our community pages on nonprofit fundraising to speak with others about their internal fundraising training programs.


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