Video: Accelerating Local Impact & Strengthening Leadership Where It Matters Most

Watch this video and learn how Philanthropy University is helping transform the world from the ground up.


John Hecklinger on Partnering with Bold Grassroots Leaders

The President & CEO of Global Fund for Children explains how the organization empowers local leaders to address the issues facing youth across the globe.


Opening Doors – the Key to Grassroots Partnerships

Global Fund for Children is bringing opportunities to local leaders focused on improving the lives of youth and children. Check out SAKALA’s story.


Give2Asia Partnership Puts Online Learning in Hands of Nonprofit Leaders

Give2Asia previously announced its partnership with Philanthropy University in  June, 2018.  This blog has been updated to include new course information.

Guest Blog

M&E Matters

Research to develop an evidence base is core to how we approach our work at FHI 360 – we study, we test and we evaluate.