How do we harness technology to spark change, from the ground up?

Imagine every frontline practitioner having access to critical resources to grow their impact, despite operating an under-resourced community.

Imagine small-yet-mighty organizations developing skills that ready them for funding dollars, which drives significant progress towards a better future for us all.

Imagine applying the efficiency of a data-driven, scalable solution to strengthen our most overlooked, yet critical, change agents in development.

Philanthropy University serves as a catalyst for sustainable development by giving frontline practitioners free access to the fundamental training, networking and funding needed to optimize their work. Our free online learning platform democratizes education for social impact by putting courses, communities and funding just a click away.

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Our History


Named from the word Philanthropos meaning love of humanity, Philanthropy U was founded by the Al-Dabbagh Group in 2015.

Philanthropy University, our free online learning platform, launched in 2016 to build upon and scale the Stars Foundation’s decade-long legacy of strengthening local organizations through capacity building and awards programming. Our innovative approach uses technology to deliver practical learning and support, where it matters most.


Practical Instruction

Our world-class online courses map to 10 areas of organizational effectiveness, which are proven to improve on-the-ground impact.

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Peer Support

Our aim is to create online spaces to empower an entire generation of digitally connected social impact professionals. Communities give learners the power to drive dialogue, exchange learnings and network among peers.

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Our awards programming funds local social impact organizations with high potential, no matter where or how remote they may be, so they can grow and hone their impact.

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Our strength is our ability to scale disruptive technology to deliver practical learnings where it matters most. We take a three-pronged approach to facilitate capacity development: practical, world-class online courses, peer-to-peer knowledge exchange and funding opportunities.

Ultimately, we act as a catalyst for long-term systemic change only possible by bringing measurable efficiency to the frontlines, globally.

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